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Hammer Bench

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One Man Operation

The Universal Hammer Bench is designed to make hammer maintenance a one man job. It is the easiest method for one of the most difficult problems for drillers...breaking down and   assembling the Down-The-Hole-Hammer. The optional crane  allows one person to lift the hammer off the ground or service truck, place it in the saddle, break the hammer apart, completely service, assemble, torque to specs and lay the fresh hammer and bit on your hammer rack or back on your service truck  without the use of a fork lift or overhead crane.

Reduced Cost Per Foot

The Universal Hammer Bench is   designed to be a self contained work station to service and perform maintenance on Down-The-Hole-Hammers safely, efficiently and    economically. The service of the    limited life components inside the hammer greatly increases your production rates and extends the life of the Down-Hole Hammer. The Break-Out Bench is another tool to help you accomplish the lowest total hammer drill cost.


Hammer sizes: 4” to 12”
(adapter required for 10” & 12” hammers)

60,000 ft. lbs. available torque

Weight: 1,500 lbs. - 1,700 lbs. with crane


Height: 45” without crane
11’ with crane boom extended and raised


Base Size: 62” x 40”


Powder coated for durable finish.



Crane Assembly (shown) Rated 1,500 lbs.

Remote for breakout cylinder

Gasoline powered for remote operations


Customized benches available upon request

Adapter Kit


Super Duty Hammer Bench


60” Modified Wrench


Safety Screen



UHB - 4” to 12” OD Hammers w/Adapter Kit

HEAVY DUTY—6” to 12” OD hammer no adapter needed

SUPER DUTY—4” to 20” with Interchangeable tops

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