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Hammers & Bits

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Based on our vast experience and knowledge of the mining and drilling industries, Spartan Drill Tools offers the full line of Mincon products to any industry and region where hard rock drilling is required. This includes Mining, Waterwell, geothermal, quarries, and civil engineering drilling.

WHY Mincon Hammers & Drill Bits

Mincon manufactures the finest and most efficient Down-the-Hole (DTH) hammers and bits for the mining, construction and water well industries. Drill and blast engineers and water well contractors trust Mincon's DTH equipment because of the precision engineering and high standards of drilling efficiency built into each of our hammers and bits.

Mincon Hammers and Bits feature component designs that demonstrate better performance and penetration rates suited to smaller compressors. The more efficient use of compressed air translates to lower air consumption, which leads to lower costs.

The piston and wear sleeve components have been re-designed to increase airflow efficiency at lower air volumes for the hammer cycle. This modification has resulted in  increasing penetration rates and further improving productivity and performance. 

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