Tricone Bits

Tri-Cone Bits

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​​Engineered for less abrasive formations such as shale, limestone, and carbonates. Most metamorphic and some copper bearing formations react well to this dedicated product. RIDGEBACK bits contain longer life bearings, additional gage protection and improved cutting structure elements for use in high pull-down applications.


​​Engineered for highly abrasive and broken ground applications often found in gold bearing formations as well as some copper and coal bearing formations. D-FORCE products feature longer-life bearings, heavy duty shirttails, a unique Sidewinder leg design, enhanced air flow system and improved abrasion resistant tungsten carbide inserts, providing added durability and increased penetration rates under a wide variety of operating conditions

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​​AVENGER bits bring together the best of patented features, knowledge, and experience to produce improved ROP, lower Total Drilling Cost and extended bit life. With two sealed bearing packages available and shared cutting structures there is a bit for your application.

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Pilot Hole Bits

​​PH Pilot Hole Bits are designed for drilling the most demanding raise bore pilot holes, blind bore pilot holes, and underground drill and blast holes.

All pilot hole bits incorporate a premium sealed bearing system with pressure compensation for added durability.

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Reverse Circulation Bits

Varel engineered its reverse circulation bits to deliver exceptional drilling performance in the soft to medium formations typically found in mineral exploration, and to provide the lowest cost per foot of drilled hole. All Varel RX and RC bits are precision machined to work with most existing R/C systems and are available with both sealed and open bearings.